OPENS JUNE 11, 2021



  1. Purchase a 2021 Kootenay Orienteering Membership which include registration for all virtual events, including RTM2021. Adults $20 / Juniors 19 & under $5.00. KOC Membership Registration

  2. Download the MapRun6 app (Iphone or Android)

  3. Register yourself on the MapRun6 app (no cost, only has to be done once)

  4. Select Event --> Canada --> British Columbia --> Kimberley --> Round the Mountain 2021 Bike or Round the Mountain Run Trek or point your phone camera at the QR code on your printed map.

  5. Head to the Kimberley Nordic Centre

  6. In the app, select “Go to Start” . The course map will appear. When ready, go to the ticket kiosk.

  7. Your phone will beep (may take a few seconds) and your time will start as you pass the triangle and double circle on the map.

  8. The app works on your phone's gps and doesn't require cellular data or wifi. Your phone can be put in your pocket once you've started.

  9. Do the course in a counterclockwise direction. As you reach each control of the four points your phone will beep, recording your time.

  10. You can choose your own route between control points. There are no mandatory routes for 2021. Routes on the map indicate the race routes from previous years and are a guide should you wish to do the traditional route.

  11. Should your phone not beep at a control point, keep moving, as we can fix this after you've completed your course once your track shows you've passed that point.

  12. Return to the finish at the kiosk. Wait for your phone to beep, ending your time.

  13. Your time and track will be uploaded to the Leaderboard.

  14. Visit maprunners.weebly.com to check the Leaderboard as more runners complete the course

Kimberley Trails Society

We encourage all participants to support the Kimberley Trails Society who do such an terrific job of building and maintaining trails in Kimberley. Check out their website to see how you can become involved or make a donations. Kimberley Trails Society


  1. You must be self-sufficient and reliant on the course. There are no Aid Stations so we recommend travelling with a partner, taking fluids, bug and bear spray. Always check out and back in with a friend.

  2. There is very limited cell phone coverage between CP 1 and CP 4.

  3. There may be trees down on the course as the situation can change daily.

  4. See detailed pictures of the check points below.

  5. Phone Setting Tips

  6. MapRun6 Quick Guide

  7. Your track can also be uploaded to Strava if you have the Strata app on your phone.

  8. You can do the course as often as you like until July 5th.

  9. Participants are eligible to win one of a number of draw prizes. Prizes will not be awarded for best times this year.



This training event is organized by the Kootenay Orienteers and Trail Runners, in conjunction with the Kimberley Trails Society. We ask that you purchase a $20 / $5 to support the club’s programs such as this. Check our calendar for other events.

KOC Membership Registration

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