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SATURDAY JUNE 22nd, 2024

Race Timing

RTM 2024 is hosted in part by the Kootenay Orienteering Club. KOC provides the race with electronic timing designed for orienteering. But don’t fret, we did this before and everyone managed just fine! The details of the orienteering event are:

  • We encourage you to review the map beforehand so you are familiar with the course route ( the route is also marked on race day) and control point locations

  • Every racer (not Trekkers or Kids Racers) will receive a timing stick the morning of the Festival. Any lost sticks will be charged at $50 each (ouch, you don't want to lose it)

  • Each race course has a number of control locations, where you must “check-in” with your supplied timing stick. At the end of the race, you will also “check-in” at the finish control. This gives you split times for each section of the race, as well as your overall time

  • After finishing, each racer must go to the timing hut to “download” their times and hand in their timing stick


Race results will be posted here after the race.



RTM is all about fun, but it's still a race. We give awards for Junior 16 and Under, Open 17-49 and Masters over 50 in our competitive events. If there are less than 3 entries in the Masters category they will be combined with the Open Categories


2023 saw the debut of NEW routes through the Nordic Centre for the 10km Run, 20km Run, 20km MTB and kids races. Both the 20km run and MTB courses are now a little over 20km so we have renamed them half marathons*. Utilising many of the new trails built as part of the Electrify the Mountain project and keeping the runners and mountain bikers separate to the finish. The Mountain Bike route winds up the new Higgins Hill before steadily climbing up Ohm My and finishing with a flowy descent on Amps Go Marching. The runners cut across the Nordic Centre and get to enjoy magnificent views across the valley as they work their way up the technical Yikes! trail before descending and traversing to the finish area.     

  • 10KM RUN
    One runner on a challenging but shorter trail run. For those who want to get back to the festival more quickly This is a fun, challenging trail run with a couple of tough climbs and lots of beautiful single track. After descending into the Kimberley Nature Park, you’ll climb back out to join with the main Round the Mountain route Start Time: 8:30 AM Course Map Elevation Profile:
    One energetic child. Running, mountain biking, and other fun activities. For kids 12 and under. With ages ranging from 3 to 12, we will split the kids into 2 groups: Kids 6 & under will race our short course, while kids ages 7-12 will race our long course. Not racing? There will be plenty of fun activities to keep the kids engaged! Kids 6 & Under @ 2:00 PM: run & bike over a 700m course Kids 7-9 @ 2:15PM: run & then bike the above course. Kids 7-12 @ 2:30 PM: run & then bike 3.2 km the new Happy Hans Loop. Start Time: 2:00 PM, 2:15PM & 2:30 PM
    One runner, one mountain. You run all the way around. Previously known as the 20km run, our new route that debuted in 2023 is closer to 22km we have changed the name to a half marathon* trail run. Be prepared for some tough climbs, and plenty of technical, rocky sections. Average times will be over 2 hours, though we welcome those who want to challenge the winning time of 1:40 from 2023 to give it their best shot! Start Time: 10:45 AM Course Map Elevation Profile
    Our most popular event. One hiker, one mountain. Start early and take it easy. Walk all the way around. Start Time: 7:00 AM Course Map (PDF) Elevation Profile
    One bike, one rider, one mountain, lots of single track. The 2022 winning time was 1:24, intermediate riders should allow at least 2hrs to complete the 22 km loop. You don't need to be an expert Mountain Biker, though we would like to note that there are some very technical sections, and less confident riders should be prepared to walk some sections. Start Time: 10:00 AM Course Map Elevation Profile

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